The ashes of the late James Doohan, who performed chief engineer Montgomery Scott on the unique Star Trek tv sequence, have been aboard the Worldwide Area Station for 12 years— and the Times of London has the fascinating backstory of the way it occurred. Doohan died in 2005 on the age of 85, and his household wished to satisfy his want of getting on the ISS.

Official requests to carry Doohan’s ashes on the ISS had been denied, however Richard Garriott— one of many first private citizens to travel on the house station— managed to smuggle a few of Doohan’s ashes into the house station’s Columbus module. Garriott says he took a laminated an image of Doohan and a few of his ashes and put it in below the ground of the Columbus. He didn’t inform anybody concerning the scheme— solely he and Doohan’s household knew till now.

“It was completely clandestine,” Garriott advised the Occasions. “His family were very pleased that the ashes made it up there but we were all disappointed we didn’t get to talk about it publicly for so long. Now enough time has passed that we can,”

It’s not the primary time Doohan’s ashes have made into the heavens. A portion of his ashes had been aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 1 rocket in 2008, however that rocket failed minutes after launch. And in 2012, an urn with a few of Doohan’s ashes flew into space aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9. In line with the Occasions, Doohan’s ashes have traveled some 1.7 billion miles throughout house, and have orbited the Earth greater than 70,000 instances.

Doohan’s son Chris thanked Garriott for smuggling his late father’s ashes aboard the ISS. “What he did was touching—it meant so much to me, so much to my family and it would have meant so much to my dad,” he stated.

Years after his loss of life, Scotty remains to be boldly going… properly, you realize the remaining.

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