Overwhelmed by life? Shove your head in a Gengar. | Picture: P-Bandai.jp

Pokémon has an illustrious historical past of superbly weird merch together with a human-sized Metapod sleeping bag or a Ditto chair, however this giant Gengar plushie is likely to be the perfect but. It’s cute, certain, nevertheless it’s additionally extremely sensible. Simply roll out its roughly 170cm-long tongue and also you’ve bought your self a compact futon for sleeping on. There’s even a comfy little house in its open mouth on your head.

However this Gengar isn’t only a novelty mattress substitute. No, it’s able to a lot extra. Bored with actuality? Shove your head within the Gengar’s mouth. Want an impromptu blanket? Use the Gengar’s tongue. Once you’ve bought a large Gengar with a long-ass tongue, the sky’s the restrict.

Picture: P-Bandai.jp

Be not afraid.

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