As we speak I’m completely satisfied to announce that AWS Outposts clients can now make native snapshots of their Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes, making it simple to satisfy knowledge residency and native backup necessities. AWS Outposts is a totally managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, providers, APIs, and instruments to just about any datacenter, co-location area, or on-premises facility for a really constant hybrid expertise. Till now, Amazon EBS snapshots on Outposts had been saved by default on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) within the AWS Area. In case your Outpost is provisioned with Amazon S3 on Outposts, now you’ve the choice to retailer your snapshots domestically in your Outpost.

Prospects use AWS Outposts to help functions that must run on-premises resulting from low latency, native knowledge processing, or knowledge residency necessities. Prospects wanting to make use of AWS providers in nations the place no AWS Area exists at this time can choose to run their functions on Outposts. Typically knowledge wants to stay in a specific nation, state, or municipality for regulatory, contractual, or data safety causes. These clients want the information for snapshots and Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to be saved domestically on Outposts to function their functions. As well as, a few of our clients might additionally see worth for workloads that want low latency entry to native backups.

EBS Native Snapshots on Outposts is a brand new functionality that allows snapshots and AMI knowledge to be saved domestically on Amazon S3 on Outposts. Now you’ll be able to create and handle EBS Native Snapshots on Outposts by means of the AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), and AWS SDKs. You may also proceed to take snapshots of EBS volumes on Outposts, that are saved in S3 within the related father or mother Area.

Find out how to Get Began With EBS Native Snapshots on Outposts
To get began, go to the AWS Outposts Management Console to order an Outposts configuration that features your chosen EBS and Amazon S3 storage capability (EBS snapshots use Amazon S3 on Outposts to retailer snapshots), or you’ll be able to add S3 storage to your present Outposts. EBS Native Snapshots are enabled on Outposts provisioned with Amazon S3 on Outposts.

To create a neighborhood EBS snapshot on Outposts, go to the EBS quantity console and choose the quantity you wish to create a snapshot from. Click on the Actions button, then choose Create Snapshot within the dropdown menu.

You may create a snapshot both within the AWS Area or your Outposts if you select the Snapshot vacation spot. The AWS Area snapshot makes use of Amazon S3 within the area and the AWS Outposts snapshot makes use of S3 storage on Outposts for storing the snapshots. Amazon S3 on Outposts is a brand new storage class, which is designed to durably and redundantly retailer knowledge on Outposts. Be aware that resulting from its scale, Amazon S3 in a area presents increased sturdiness than S3 on Outposts.

You may name CreateSnapshot with the outpost-arn parameter set to the Outposts ARN that uniquely identifies your set up. If knowledge residency is just not a priority, you can too get the CreateSnapshot API to create the snapshot within the father or mother AWS Area by specifying AWS Area because the vacation spot.

$ aws ec2 create-snapshot 
     --volume-id vol-1234567890abcdef0 
     --outpost-arn arn:aws:outposts:us-east-1:123456789012:outpost/op-1a2b3c  
	 --description "native snapshots in outpost"

You may also use instructions for the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) and AWS SDKs e.g. CreateSnapshots, DescribeSnapshot, CopySnapshot, and DeleteSnapshot to handle snapshots on Outposts, and use Amazon Knowledge Lifecycle Supervisor to automate snapshots management on Outposts. All native snapshots on Outposts are Encrypted by Default (EBD).

You may set IAM insurance policies for knowledge residency of your snapshots. The coverage instance under will implement knowledge residency on the Outposts by denying CreateSnapshot(s) calls to create snapshots within the area from outpost volumes.

         "Useful resource":"arn:aws:ec2:us-west-2::snapshot/*",
         "Useful resource":"*"

You may audit your personal knowledge residency compliance by calling the DescribeSnapshots API that may return the snapshot’s storage location. All creation, replace, and replica operations are logged in AWS CloudTrail audit logs.

You may copy AMI snapshots from the AWS Area to your Outposts and register them as AMI to launch your EC2 situations on Outposts.

Additionally, you are able to do this by way of easy AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) instructions as follows:

$ aws ec2 copy-snapshot 
     --region us-west-2 
     --source-region us-west-2 
     --source-snapshot-id snap-1 
     --destination-outpost-arn arn:aws:outposts:us-west-2:123456789012:outpost/op-1a2b3c  
	 --description "That is my copied snapshot."

Now you’ll be able to register the snapshot as a neighborhood AMI for launching your EC2 situations in your Outposts.

$ aws ec2 register-image 
    --root-device-name /dev/sda1 
    --block-device-mappings '[ 
       "DeviceName": "/dev/sda1", "Ebs" :"VolumeSize":100, "SnapshotId":"snap-1-copy"]'

You may also copy your regional AMIs to Outposts utilizing the copy-image command. Specify the ID of the AMI to repeat, the supply Area, and the ARN of the vacation spot Outpost.

$ aws ec2 copy-image 
       --source-region us-west-2 
	   --source-image-id ami-1234567890abcdef0  
	   --name "Native AMI copy"  
	   --destination-outpost-arn arn:aws:outposts:us-west-2:123456789012:outpost/op-1a2b3c

Copying of native snapshots on Outposts to the father or mother AWS Area is just not supported. In situations the place knowledge residency is required, you’ll be able to solely create native snapshots or copy snapshots from the father or mother Area. To make sure your knowledge residency necessities are met on AWS Outposts, I like to recommend you seek advice from whitepapers comparable to AWS Policy Perspectives: Data Residency and Addressing Data Residency Requirements with AWS Outposts, and make sure and work intently along with your compliance and safety groups.

CloudEndure Migration and Catastrophe Restoration providers, supplied by AWS, permit clients emigrate or replicate workloads for restoration functions into AWS from bodily, digital, or cloud-based sources. Up till now, if clients chosen an Outposts system as a migration or restoration goal, the snapshot knowledge needed to be copied to a public area earlier than being copied again into the Outposts system. This led to elevated cutover and restoration instances, in addition to different knowledge switch impacts.

With the newly launched availability of EBS Native Snapshots on Outposts, you’ll be able to migrate, replicate and get well workloads from any sources instantly into Outposts, or between Outposts units, with out requiring the EBS snapshot knowledge to undergo a public area, resulting in decrease latencies, larger efficiency, and lowered prices. Supported use circumstances associated to Outposts for migration and catastrophe restoration embody: from on-premises to Outposts, from public AWS Areas into Outposts, from Outposts into public AWS Areas, and between two Outposts units. Be taught extra about CloudEndure Migration and CloudEndure Disaster Recovery.

Out there Now
Amazon EBS Native Snapshots on AWS Outposts is obtainable for all Outposts provisioned with S3 on Outposts. To be taught extra, check out the documentation. Please ship suggestions to the AWS Outposts team, your regular AWS help contacts, or Outposts partners.

Be taught all the main points about AWS Outposts and get began at this time.


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