We launched the primary Graviton-powered EC2 situations in late 2018 and introduced the follow-on Graviton2 processor only a year later. The twin SIMD models, help for int8 and fp16 directions, and different architectural enhancements between generations mix to make the Graviton2 a extremely cost-effective workhorse processor.

At present, you may select between Common Function (M6g and M6gd), Compute-Optimized (C6g, C6gn, and C6gd), Reminiscence-Optimized (R6g and R6gd), and Burstable (T4g) situations, all powered by quick, environment friendly Graviton2 processors. Our prospects use these situations to run software servers, gaming servers, HPC workloads, video encoding, advert servers, and extra. A number of benchmarks (together with this one and this one) have proven that these Graviton2-based situations ship higher price-performance than present EC2 situations.

New X2gd Cases
I’m pleased to announce the newest in our ever-growing roster of Graviton2-powered situations! The brand new X2gd situations have twice as a lot reminiscence per vCPU because the memory-optimized R6g situations, and are designed on your memory-hunger workloads. This contains in-memory databases (Redis and Memcached), open supply relational databases, Digital Design Automation design & verification, real-time analytics, caching providers, and containers.

X2gd situations can be found in eight sizes, and likewise in naked metallic kind. Listed here are the specs:

Identify vCPUs Reminiscence
Native NVMe Storage Community Bandwidth
EBS Throughput
x2gd.medium 1 16 1 x 59 GiB As much as 10 As much as 4.750
x2gd.massive 2 32 1 x 118 GiB As much as 10 As much as 4.750
x2gd.xlarge 4 64 1 x 237 GiB As much as 10 As much as 4.750
x2gd.2xlarge 8 128 1 x 475 GiB As much as 10 As much as 4.750
x2gd.4xlarge 16 256 1 x 950 GiB As much as 10 4.750
x2gd.8xlarge 32 512 1 x 1900 GiB 12 9.500
x2gd.12xlarge 48 768 2 x 1425 GiB 20 14.250
x2gd.16xlarge 64 1024 2 x 1900 GiB 25 19.000
x2gd.metallic 64 1024 2 x 1900 GiB 25 19.000

When in comparison with the present X1 situations, the brand new X2gd situations provide 55% higher worth/perfomance. The X2gd situations additionally provide the bottom worth per GiB of reminiscence of any present EC2 occasion.

On the compute facet, the X2gd situations present the identical quantity of CPU energy as the opposite Graviton2-powered situations (M6g, C6g, R6g, and T4g). Every vCPU is a whole bodily core, which speeds compute-heavy EDA and monetary service workloads, and likewise encourages denser packing of containers onto an occasion of a selected dimension.

Along with the quick SSD-based native NVMe storage, X2gd situations help Elastic Community Adapter (ENA), and might ship as much as 25 Gbps of community bandwidth between situations when launched inside a Placement Group.

X2gd situations are constructed on AWS Nitro System, and you need to use your present Arm-compatible EC2 AMIs.

Now Out there
X2gd situations can be found now within the US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Eire) Areas, with extra areas to return. You may launch them right this moment in On-Demand and Spot kind, and you should purchase Savings Plans or Reserved Instances.

For extra data, take a look at the X2 Instance web page and the AWS Graviton2 web page.


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