iFixit has released its teardown of the PlayStation 5 and its DualSense controller — and it goes into much more element than the one Sony did earlier this year. The gadget restore firm found that the console has a ton of screws holding it collectively, and that there’s a bizarre catch to changing the optical drive.

The corporate additionally launched a always-fun X-ray of the PS5
Picture: Artistic Electron (by way of iFixit)

It seems that the optical drive is software-locked to the motherboard. The bodily swap is seemingly a chunk of cake, however any substitute you set in gained’t learn disks, so in case your optical drive fails you’ll be sending it to Sony. It’s a bummer, particularly for me: I’ve had horrible luck with PlayStation optical drives, and the one drive I haven’t needed to exchange is the one on my PS4 (which was just a few years previous once I offered it).

No sweat for the house owners of the discless Digital version, although — and as we’ve seen beforehand, including an additional SSD goes to be straightforward when the console finally supports it: it solely includes unclipping a single facet panel and taking out a screw.

The PS5’s power supply

Picture: iFixit

The teardown additionally offers an inside take a look at the ability provide (above), which Sony didn’t present us earlier than. As somebody who’s dabbled in PC gaming, it’s all the time stunning to me once I’m reminded of the PS5 solely has a 350W energy provide (and it uses as few as 200 of those watts below load!)

A picture of the DualSense with the back taken off

To me, the within of the controller appears nicer than Cyberpunk does on the console.
Picture: iFixit

Turning to the DualSense controller, iFixit discovered its battery is comparatively straightforward to switch — which is sweet contemplating it nonetheless makes use of an inside Li-ion that’ll degrade over time. It’s additionally huge at 5.7 watt-hours, in comparison with the three.7Wh pack within the DualShock 4. These adaptive triggers and haptic suggestions motors have to be thirsty. We additionally get another look on the superior screw drive that powers these adaptive triggers.

What I don’t see is a straightforward strategy to unhook the LEDs that encompass the DualSense’s touchpad. This can be a distinct segment factor, however I completely hated the sunshine on the DualShock 4, and whereas the brand new one isn’t as annoying, I nonetheless want Sony would allow you to flip it off or let screwdriver-handy players unhook it with out a lot fuss.

You may head over to iFixit’s teardown page to see far more photos. And if you’d like a really feel for what taking aside the gadgets is perhaps like (with out risking what’s now effectively a $1,000 console), the corporate has supplied movies of the teardowns that you would be able to watch under.

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