If a gadget has a processor in it, then there’s an honest likelihood somebody’s tried to hack it to run Doom. A Nintendo Recreation & Watch? Naturally. A MacBook Professional Contact Bar? Sure. Calculators? Why not. Now, because of YouTube channel Games Made of Cardboard, we are able to lastly add “cardboard boxes” to that illustrious checklist.

Okay, so technically Invoice Thorpe hasn’t finished the inconceivable and efficiently received traditional first-person shooter Doom II to run on an precise cardboard field. However his 10-minute lengthy video is the following smartest thing. It recreates most of the sport’s greatest moments utilizing cardboard units, characters, and weapons. It’s an enormous mission that the video’s description says took 9 months of labor to finish.

The fashions are one factor, however maybe what’s most spectacular is the video’s particular results. Enemies sometimes bleed actual liquid onto their cardboard environment, or burst into actual flames and burn to a crisp. At one level one enemy will get its little head blown off, revealing a little bit cardboard cranium inside. Unique Doom II programmer John Romero even makes a cameo look.

Sadly, it appears Thorpe plans for his Doom II cardboard recreation to be his final. In a video released last September, the YouTuber stated he hopes to exit on a excessive after placing a lot work into the mission. Fortunately you will discover a major again catalogue of different traditional video games recreated in cardboard on his channel, alongside a bunch of making-of movies about his Doom II recreation.

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