Cloud and SaaS-based solutions can help organizations reimagine customer and user experiences

I was struck by a recent insight piece by McKinsey that showed executives who considered innovation a top priority pre-crisis, rate it as much less important today. This was particularly true of respondents in the Communications industry, probably because of the exigent need to meet the demands of both critical industries like emergency services and health care, as well as the day-to-day communications needs of businesses and individuals struggling to stay connected and productive while sheltering in place and social distancing around the globe.

A half year into this “new reality,” we must regain our focus on innovation to ignite new growth. With the fundamental changes taking place around the world, Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will democratize technology, resources and capabilities so that all organizations will be able to reimagine their customer and user experiences.

The possible 10 GB/s speeds of 5G will bring exponential gains in capacity, connections and device connectivity, as well as greater customization and personalization through automation, mobility, collaboration, and analytics. The IoT will transform not only business, industries, education, and governments, but the human condition—for the greater good—if we truly innovate and think about what’s possible with autonomous, VR/AR/MR, wearables, smart cities and so much more.

The challenge for our CSP customers is building out networks so they perform better without incurring crushing overhead costs. Now more than ever, they need suppliers and partners with the expertise and resources to maintain the performance and reliability of networks with immediate insight into problems and rapid fixes.

The multi-vendor world in which they operate no longer has to result in costly integration. With SaaS, the operational constraints and overhead of integration can give way to multi-vendor network services and agile delivery of services. With cloud native, there can be faster software development and more resilient, scalable and manageable applications.  

Oracle Communications is committed to partnering for tomorrow and for best-of-breed deployments enabled by cloud- and SaaS-based 5G and IoT. Contact us to find out what we are doing with cloud-based/SaaS-based solutions and see how we can help you build out open, interoperable and secure networks that support a diverse supply chain critical to the market success of 5G.


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