These features help you understand your risks on Google Cloud, verify that you’ve configured your resources properly and safely, and document it for anyone who asks. 

Collaborating with partners on orchestration and endpoints

As part of our mission to enable operational security and simplicity, we’re committed to working with our security partners to help you on this journey. This week we’re announcing new integrations and go-to-market activities with Palo Alto Networks on their xSOAR Marketplace

Additionally, we’re announcing an expanded partnership with Tanium, which is integrating and offering Chronicle with their endpoint security and management solution. This integrated solution, sold by Tanium, links endpoint data from Tanium with other telemetry, such as DNS and proxy data in Chronicle, to provide a broader, clearer picture of threats in the enterprise. Chronicle retains Tanium telemetry for a year by default, improving your ability to investigate incidents over long periods of time.

Simplifying protection against DDoS and web attacks

We’re simplifying how you can use Google Cloud Armor to help protect your websites and applications from exploit attempts, as well as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. With Cloud Armor Managed Protection Plus (in Beta), you will get access to DDoS and WAF services, curated rule sets, and other services for a predictable monthly price. You can learn more about our Cloud Armor announcements here.

Automating more secure deployments with blueprints

While these new products provide real benefits, you also need to configure cloud deployments to meet your own unique security and compliance requirements. To help, we’re publishing a comprehensive new Google Cloud security foundations blueprint that provides curated, opinionated guidance and accompanying automation to help build a secure starting point for Google Cloud deployments. It’s launching as the cornerstone of our Google Cloud security best practices resource center, a new web destination that delivers world-class security expertise from Google and our partners in the form of security blueprints, guides, whitepapers, and more.

A better, safer normal together 

Defending your enterprise requires continuous evolution, and the events so far in 2020 have made that even more clear. With compliance automation, simpler security operations, and better protection for employees and customers we’re committed to helping you adjust and evolve to make today’s new normal a safer normal. 

Be sure to check out our security sessions throughout this week where we’ll be digging into the new capabilities we’re introducing, and some we’ve already launched in 2020. You can also find more information at our privacy and security home page.

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