VPC safety teams and route tables are used to manage entry and routing insurance policies. Clients typically have a standard set of CIDR blocks for safety group and route desk configurations. Prefix Lists permits you to group a number of CIDR blocks right into a single object, and use it as a reference in your safety teams or route tables. This makes it simpler so that you can roll out modifications and keep consistency in safety teams and route tables throughout a number of VPCs and accounts. For instance, you’ll be able to create a Prefix Listing to characterize all of your department workplace CIDR blocks and use it to configure your safety teams and route tables. While you add a brand new department workplace, you merely add its CIDR block to the Prefix Listing, and this may robotically set up connectivity from all of the corresponding VPCs and accounts.

To get began, use the AWS CLI, SDK or Console to create Prefix Lists. Prefix Lists can additional be shared with totally different accounts utilizing the Useful resource Entry Supervisor (RAM). 

There isn’t any further cost to make use of the Prefix Lists. Help for Prefix Lists is out there in all public areas with assist in Africa (Cape City), Europe (Milan), China (Beijing), and China (Ningxia) coming quickly. For extra data on prefix lists, go to our public documentation.

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